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Suns and sea in a marble #marblecamraleigh #marblecam #topsailisland #sea #sun #water #surf #summer  (Taken with Instagram at Topsail Island)

Suns and sea in a marble #marblecamraleigh #marblecam #topsailisland #sea #sun #water #surf #summer (Taken with Instagram at Topsail Island)


IBM App “Creek Watch” to Help Monitor Water Health in California (via IBMLabs)

IBM Research created an iPhone application to help local water boards collect and analyze critical data about water. A form of crowdsourcing called Citizen Science, people hiking or biking passed a creek or stream can snap a photo with their phones, answer a few simple questions about the condition of the water, and instantly send it off to their local water authority.

The app is called Creek Watch and will be available for free in App Store soon. Visit www.creekwatch.org to sign up to be notified when the app is live.

IBM is great at managing and analyzing data, and this is an attempt to improve the way we collect the data through mobile devices, such as iPhone.