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hello world. my name is Ryan Alexander Boyles. often, it's pronounced the RAB. i'm into declarative living. i am a connector. this is my life-stream / tumblr / blog. call it what you will. find my sxsw posts. any questions, ask me anything! btw, here is a standard disclaimer.


Top NC Road Trip Memes of SXSW

  1. That’s What She Said.
  2. Riding on a ________ backwards.
  3. I’m on a boat!
    (later… Ryan says I’m on a Volt!)
  4. Overheard: ___insert funny here___
  5. Jason, Chick-fil-a for lunch?
  6. And now, an Alicia Keys moment… starring Wayne and Niki
  7. Gratuitous open mouth photography and unnecessary sunglasses!
  8. Tacos? Tacos!
  9. Always be chargin’
  10. Follow the pulsing blue dot, Wayne.

My son interviews me for Chevy SXSW Road Trip

My dear son is a trooper. He tried to act excited but was talking through his nose due to a head cold and stuffy nose. #hilarityensues

Team NC logo (square w/ url + tag) (via the rab)
I want this in Red next. Follow teamncsxsw.tumblr.com starting Monday March 8th.

Team NC logo (square w/ url + tag) (via the rab)

I want this in Red next. Follow teamncsxsw.tumblr.com starting Monday March 8th.

Hey everyone, I want to introduce our awesome road trippin’ team. We are Team North Carolina in the Chevy SxSW Road Trip Challenge. We are ready to hit the open road to Austin Texas and South by South West Interactive!

Here are some bits I jotted down, about the fine folks I’ll share a nice Chevrolet automobile with for the better part of a week, on the highway between Charlotte and the Lone Star state, and back again.

Jason Keath is passionate about meeting people and making connections.

Find out more about Jason, read his blog at JasonKeath.com, and follow @jakrose on twitter.

Nicole D’Alonzo is passionate about grassroots philanthropy and eco-fashion.

Find out more about Nicole, read her blog Niki’s Notes, and follow @nikisnotes on twitter.

Wayne Sutton is passionate about new media in business and local brands (like Krispy Kreme i.e. @hotnow).

Find out more about Wayne, read his blog SocialWayne, and follow @waynesutton on twitter.

Ryan Boyles is passionate about good design (sw or otherwise) and fusion of art+technology (is a: geek).

Find out more about Ryan, read his blog Secondary Artifacts, and follow @theRab on twitter.

Our team hashtag on Twitter is #NCChevySXSW and we also think #NCRulesSXSW. The 4 of us are passionate about winning the Chevy SXSW Road Trip Challenge (#ChevySXSW). Help us with your energy, support and ideas. Thank you!