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I remember thinking how bizarre it was that I was meeting up w/ a bunch of strangers I knew from the Internet in a coffee shop. Times change.

#TriangleTweetup 5th Anniversary reflections by Co-founder @GinnySkal 

How Social Is Your TV?

a Triangle Social Media Club panel, recap by Brian McDonald on Square Jaw Media

At the February Triangle Social Media Club event I had my eyes opened to the world of “social TV.”  The speakers were Gregory Ng (@gregoryng), Tim Arthur (@timarthur), Damond Nollan (@damondnollan) and the MC was Ryan Boyles (@therab).  The panel showed what their entertainment centers consisted of, their top 5 shows and one guilty pleasure as well as shared insights, wants and desires of social TV.

6 Social Media Networks to Watch in 2012 (plus Infographics)

Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Slideshare

plus Google+ i guess can’t be ignored.

… and Facebook and twitter seem rather obligatory / obvious but i digress … the data is good to see. 

It’s interesting to me that each of these are a form of evolution of blogging mostly. It’s also interesting to note who is not on this list, like Foursquare, GetGlue, Wordpress, or Posterous. 

(via Jeffbullas’s Blog)