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Raleigh Internet of Things Meetup, Part Deux (with images, tweets) · therab

Raleigh Internet of Things Meetup, Part Deux: the tweets, the tech and the things.

My RIoT Storify Recap

How Social Is Your TV?

a Triangle Social Media Club panel, recap by Brian McDonald on Square Jaw Media

At the February Triangle Social Media Club event I had my eyes opened to the world of “social TV.”  The speakers were Gregory Ng (@gregoryng), Tim Arthur (@timarthur), Damond Nollan (@damondnollan) and the MC was Ryan Boyles (@therab).  The panel showed what their entertainment centers consisted of, their top 5 shows and one guilty pleasure as well as shared insights, wants and desires of social TV.

Social Fresh Charlotte 2011 - storify.com

Suggest your favorite moments, quotes, photos and links for the #SocialFresh CLT story. Add them in the comments or in the Facebook group

BREAKING: Barcamp RDU 2010 is a great day for developers of all stripes! (via irab)

Interesting to note: This video, and the photos contained within, was shot and edited entirely on my iPhone 4. Pretty cool. I would like to see more themes made available for iMovie on the iPhone.

For a recap, see my blog post Barcamp RDU 2010 afterword. I’m drafting a blog post about the QR Code talk also. View a photo slideshow from the annual developers event, held for the last 5 years at RedHat on NCSU Centennial Campus. 

Old Spice videos viewed 11 million times

The folks at  ”we are social" take a look back at the social media viral campaign that was - old spice video responses - with a review of youtube views and tweets. 

directing the dead: genre directors spill their guts at SXSW

saturday 12:30 pm
directing the dead: genre directors spill their guts
hashtag #directingthedead
ACC Room 18abcd

directors on the panel:

  1. eli roth
  2. quentin tarantino 
  3. neil marshall - the descent, doomsday
  4. ruben fleischer - zombieland
  5. robert rodriguez - planet terror, dusk til dawn, sin city
  6. matt reeves - cloverfield
  7. ty west - house of the devil
  • scott weinbergmoderator - filmnet.com / cinematical

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