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hello world. my name is Ryan Alexander Boyles. often, it's pronounced the RAB. i'm into declarative living. i am a connector. this is my life-stream / tumblr / blog. call it what you will. find my sxsw posts. any questions, ask me anything! btw, here is a standard disclaimer.


The Harlem Shake continues to spread across the interwebs like a dance virus. IBM is not immune. #ibmcloud

Harlem Shake IBM Redbooks style (by IBMRedbooks)

screencap meme - star trek + cinematography/space porn

seeing this makes me want to watch the film again and again on a 80” screen. MAKE IT SO.

A step-by-step GIF guide to GIFing everything you see


NOTE: Click here to see the original story with higher quality GIFs.

GIFs rule the Internet, and you’re never gonna survive out there if you’re incapable of whipping together on a moment’s notice a four-second animation of Jason Kidd’s game-winning three-point shot or a happy corgi running on…




US Presidential Election Polls 

John F. Kennedy vs. Richard Nixon

Jimmy Carter vs. Gerold Ford

George W. Bush vs. Al Gore

Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

Binders Full of Burgers is “visualizing the US Election 2012. with burgers & fries.” Which is a clever way to trick a nation of people who are statistically fat and bad at math into looking at charts!

You’re probably late to this meme, so now’s the time to ketchup.

— Ernie @ ShortFormBlog