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The Chevy Volt: A Geek Perspective

On November 2nd 2010, my good friend Wayne Sutton and I met at the Crabtree Courtyard by Marriott before daylight. We were there to meet Dan Nguy (GM Electric Engine Engineer - say that 3 times fast!) and the rest of the GM team to test drive their new Volt electric vehicle at 6AM. Our trip would take us from Raleigh North Carolina to Richmond Virginia. We were both a bit tired. The Volt Unplugged tour team looked a bit haggard as well. They had been working hard all day Monday, talking about the Volt and offering test drives to curious Raleigh and Durham residents and workers, with tour stops downtown at the City Municipal Complex, Progress Energy and IBM’s campus at Research Triangle Park (my video). The day was topped off by a “Chevy Social" hosted by the two of us at Designbox and Cherry Bomb Grill in Raleigh for more test drives and conversation with the Triangle social geeks and four Chevy Volt cars.
This is the Chevy Volt Wayne and I drove on the Raleigh to Richmond unplugged tour drive leg
Time to hit the road. Fueled by adrenaline and caffeine, we were set to jump behind the wheel