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Chris O’Connor talks bit buckets. #ibmiod  (at IBM Information on Demand Conference 2013)

Chris O’Connor talks bit buckets. #ibmiod (at IBM Information on Demand Conference 2013)

Serena Williams discusses personal analysis of athlete performance #sports #ibmiod (at IBM Information on Demand Conference 2013)

The panel literally rolls out on stage. Only in Vegas. #ibmiod #cloud #analytics #security (at IBM Information on Demand Conference 2013)

Big views of my #convergesouth big idea keynote courtesy of @SixFourWeb and @KristenDaukas

McAfee Keynote E2conf-9 Live-blog

andrew mcafee keynote

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victory - the good

  1. adoption in the face of the recession
  2. mckinsey study shows benefits to org’s that adopt enterprise2.0 - 3rd of it’s kind study, input from champions (skew possible). but given these benefit numbers ”i can’t understand why companies aren’t stampeding towards these tools”
  3. 20adoption council
  4. bizarre popularity of sharepoint - i don’t mean sp sucks, but b/c of the increasing demand for solutions like this
  5. US intelligence community - they declare ”we know when we don’t share information, people die.”

snatching defeat - the bad

1. declaring war on the enterprise

calling “the Enterprise” obsolete isn’t a great adoption (or marketing) strategy
marxists’ apartment a microcosm of why marxism doesn’t work

2. allow walled gardens to flourish

do not create more silos with each group that wants some of that
one of the deep reasons that the web works, is that there is one web

3. accentuate the negative

i used to a big fan of this
Ross Mayfield said in conversation “when i look at the program - all i see is focus on downsides and risks”
this caused me to rethink the way we’re presenting these topics
risks are manageable - intelligence community has shown this

4. replace email

checking email is a bad disruption to personal interaction and collaboration
C suite likes the one stop shop approach of email

5. fall in love with features

we don’t need more features, we need features that work better
ask yourself, what is the simpliest thing that could work?

6. overuse the word “social”

it’s good that we’re not trying to automate people out of work
never come across a pragmatic line manager that likes the word “social” to describe his business
best thing is that it’s neutral and accurate
worst thing is that it’s a waste of time
i’m not running a social club, i’m running a business
social describes a picture of smelly hippies and free love to some