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if Java 7 is pushed through, the ASF has some hard decisions to make.

Jim Jagielski, Apache Software Foundation president, and unofficial historian, via The Apache way meets the Oracle way

I have no problem making money from open source code. I have no problem with others doing so. I do have problems with removing community involvement once it has shown that it can create, drive and maintain such efforts. I do wonder who’s next in the shift from open source commitment that Oracle seems to be leading.

Dave McAllister, blogging about Oracle, closed minds and open source

At first glance you might ask why industry analysts interested in enterprise technology should want to go the Web 2.0 developer conference. But enterprise Web convergence is real and its now. Comcast presented at NoSQL EU. Big Data started on the web but is coming to the enterprise. Cassandra now has enterprise support in the shape of Riptano. Cloudera is making Hadoop enterprise consumable. NoSQL is real. The Cloud is real. Amazon is running enterprise conferences now. Android is Java-based. Google AppEngine is real. The big convergence is upon us. What does that say to industry analysts that are used to enterprise technology coming from enterprise vendors being purchased by enterprise decision-makers? It says- you better change the model and change it fast. Research that doesn’t have time for the web and the companies building the web is backward facing.

James Governor on why Google I/O is the new Java One.

theRab: interesting. ruby and python support baked in leopard but no java 6. telling? (via Twitter / theRab)