i'm fluent in javascript as well as klingon.

hello world. my name is Ryan Alexander Boyles. often, it's pronounced the RAB. i'm into declarative living. i am a connector. this is my life-stream / tumblr / blog. call it what you will. find my sxsw posts. any questions, ask me anything! btw, here is a standard disclaimer.


IBM @ SXSW 2012: Megan Berry interview by Ryan Boyles (via IBMSocialBiz)

Megan is an experienced Community builder, she was Klout employee #4 and is the new founder of LiftFive

IBM @ SXSW 2012: Jim Storer interview by Ryan Boyles (via IBMSocialBiz)

Jim is an experienced Community Manager and Co-founder of The Community Roundtable

Loose lips sink brand ships
Building, Growing together
I can haz knowledge

Nick Cicero's entry in the Social Fresh Academy Community Management Haiku contest