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hello world. my name is Ryan Alexander Boyles. often, it's pronounced the RAB. i'm into declarative living. i am a connector. this is my life-stream / tumblr / blog. call it what you will. find my sxsw posts. any questions, ask me anything! btw, here is a standard disclaimer.


Location-based social services, such as Foursquare, Gowalla, BrightKite, TriOut, Yelp, Loopt, Plazes, Flook and others, use location information to facilitate social interaction, and social interaction to facilitate the discovery of new things. Most of these services are hobbled by what I perceive as concern about location privacy. Some of them are based on location-based status updates, where users can broadcast their locations if they choose to do so. Others involve discovery, where people post something they’ve seen for others to find in the same location later. All these are dancing around the edges of what we really want, which is to be able to know where all our friends and family are at any time. We want to be able to “look up” people’s locations as easily as we look up their phone number in our address book. And we want to be able to set up notifications, so we’re alerted when people we care about are nearby. We want that real-time information about others. The problem is, do we want others to know where we are?

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