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What does a Community Manager do?

I was asked by many people I talked to at Social Fresh this week - “So what do you do in your day job?” This is a great question. Gia Lyons has been working on a workshop for planning external community programs this week, and also asked for my input on duties, activities and good practices. I decided to reblog the email. I co-authored a community strategy last fall for the external IBM community for a WebSphere product. One section of this strategy was definition of the Community Manager role. So I took the following examples, from who I think of as thought leaders in this still emerging space, to draw inspiration. I defined the role with regard to goals, tasks and responsibilities.

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE!! Here are links I’ve collected since the new year. These are relevant and go deeper.

And please feel free to answer the question with your own comments, experience or links.

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