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Internet Summit 2011 Online Presentations #isum11


I loved the energy and the spirit of the Internet Summit 2011 in Raleigh this week. Lots of great information different market trends affecting our online world, including social media, digital marketing, all sorts of analytics, mobile, eCommerce, you name it. It was great, with the obvious highlight of hearing Internet Superstar Gary Vaynerchuck speak.

Gary Vaynerchuk at Internet Summit 2011

I wanted to compile a list of the Internet Summit presentations that were shared online by the speakers after the conference so I could have them all in one place.  Here’s the list I have so far, to be updated if I find more (@InternetSummit has promised to post them on their website next week).

Great post - and thanks for sharing the list of Internet Summit speaker presos Manuel. Good to see you this week also!

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